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Historic castles, Mycenaean palaces, a great wetland, unique hospitality of high standards and Vidokoilias, the star beach of Western Messinia. The Greek summer in its most beautiful version. In Western Messinia, wonderful seas, fishing villages, endless olive groves, coastal and mountain routes with unique views await you. But also ancient states, and Mycenaean palaces and Gialova, a wetland unique in Greece. Climbing to Paleokastro, walking to Niokastro and the castles of Methoni and Koroni. Cycling, walking, fresh fish in the taverns and taverns by the water. But also accommodation in one of the most impressive and luxurious hotel complexes in the Mediterranean. Piece by piece you will piece together the puzzle of Western Messinia, traveling and discovering. And you know, one summer is not enough. And next year, you will come to Western Messinia again for a vacation!


the impressively preserved Turkish fortress

It is considered one of the best preserved castles in Greece. Touring it is an unforgettable experience. In the middle of the enclosure dominates the impressive Transfiguration of the Savior, which functioned for many years as a mosque. Built in 1573, it is impregnable from the sea and has been linked to the famous Naval Battle of Navarino.


the famous "hostess" of the Peloponnese

Nothing betrays the turbulent past of the city which is identified with the Naval Battle of Navarino. Today it rests peacefully, built amphitheatrically below Niokastro and reminiscent of an island settlement. Enjoy your coffee in the shade of the cafes of the central square of Three Admirals with the palm trees. Your vacation here will be a dream.

Voidokoilia beach

in the summer semicircle of the dream

The images of the famous beach below Paleokastro with its semi-circular bay have gone around the world. Wonderful blue-green and turquoise waters and white sand that, if you dig with your hand, you will discover beautiful shells.

Gialova lagoon

habitat-refuge of rare birds and animals

Equipped with binoculars and a camera, you will follow the path that leads to the bird observatory. You are in Gialova, a habitat of exceptional beauty in the Peloponnese, home to over 250 species of rare birds - including flamingos, swans, mallards, and large raptors.


the islet- protector of the bay

Monuments dedicated to the dead of the naval battle of Navarino have been erected on the verdant islet. With the boat that will take you to Sfakteria you will also see the small island of Helonaki with a monument to the English fallen in the naval battle.

The palace of Pylos

The palace covers an area of ​​about 2 acres and is considered the best preserved Mycenaean palace in the Peloponnese that has been identified so far. Among the most important finds are the tablets with texts of Linear B'.

Nearby excursions

These are tours within 20-30 minutes by car that you can do and have a great time!

Explore Pylos

The historical past of the city, the enchanting natural landscapes, the luxurious options it offers have highlighted Pylos as an ideal destination.